DolomitesMuseum - the Workshop of Stories is a new digital space for the Museums of the Dolomites. This continuously evolving space is a place to share stories, traditions and experiences that relate to the Dolomites UNESCO World heritage. It's not an exhibition you can visit, but a workshop where we all collaborate to produce something special and amazing.

The space contains more than 700 digital resources, with multimedia galleries, interactive maps, blogs and memory games to test your knowledge. This shared story originated with the #DolomitesMuseum themed campaign, and has now taken on a life of its own. In the seven different sections you can explore mountain rites, life forms on the slopes, rocks and Dolomite fossils. Or you can find out about the role of the passes as points of contact between different cultures, the origins of mountain sports, and our varied experience of time at high altitude. 

At the heart of this space are the stories and the people who have shared them. The main players in our workshop initiative are 50 operators from 30 institutions across the Dolomites. They opened the virtual doors to their museums just when the physical ones were closing, giving us a shared story that we can continue to enjoy over the coming months. And you can make your contribution too: there are so many stories still waiting to be told.

We invite you to explore this Workshop of Stories in the same way that you would undertake a mountain walk: stopping every now and then along the way to contemplate the new horizons opening up before you.

DolomitesMuseum - Workshop of Stories forms part of the Dolomites Museums project by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation. Explore the project here.